Praotec Čech

Long ago in the White Croatian lands, part of the original great father land of the Slavs, lived a numerous people that shared a similar language and culture. This was not a time of peace, as village would go up against village, and cousin against cousin, amounting to numerous bloody wars that caused much destruction.

During this tumultuous time, there lived two brothers belonging to a prominent family; their names were Czech and Lech. Disturbed by the the many wars, they decided to leave their native land in search of a new settlement.

They convinced many others to go with them. After making sacrifices to the Gods, the three bothers bid farewell to their homeland and went out into the unknown with their tribes.

The journey took years. They found settlements of people along different rivers that spoke similar language as them. They fought battles and conquered, but kept moving forward as they felt they still hadn’t found a new home.

Eventually, they came to the great river Vltava. The tribes, at this point, were exhausted of all the travel and fighting. They complained that there would never be an end. Czech pointed to a high mountain, which he gave the name Říp, and said that they should setup camp. The tribe begrudgingly obeyed his words.

Once they had gotten to the top of the mountain and set up camp, Czech left, alone, to climb to the very top. Morning came and he reached the summit. He saw a vast, beautiful landscape before him, which made him rejoice. He went back to his people and told them that he had found their new home. The people were so excited that they decided to call the land after Czech himself.

Quickly, they began to build their new society and continued to be prosperous. Lech decided to continue moving north with his tribe. He parted on good terms with the tribe in the Czech lands, hoping that they would continue to be allies.

Years went by and eventually Czech, an old man by now, passed away. Everyone grieved the death of their leader. The people build a pyre and set the corpse on it. They set a fire while the people of Czech mourned and lamented. They rose a great monument for him to honor the founding father of their people who lead them to the bountiful land.

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