This website was created for two reasons: because I love the Czech Republic, and because I wanted to create a place for travelers who want to visit this amazing country for more than just seeing some pretty buildings.

I had already lived in the country for a couple years before I became a tour guide. I married a beautiful Czech girl, we had our first child, I learned the language fluently, and was really immersed in the local culture. Learning the language really allows me to connect with the people in a way that most foreigners can’t. I also had the opportunity to live all over the country, and before I knew it, I had become more Czech than my wife! (She even agrees)

I’ve always been a history buff, and I love learning the local legends. When I became a tour guide, I wanted to help show the visitors this amazing place that I had fallen in love with. I wanted to help them to discover it, which is what I aim to do for you with this site.

The most frequent thing I was told after a tour was, “I wish I had planned to stay in this place longer, it’s incredible.” Yes, yes it is! When you get to know the history, the traditions, the legends, and the people, you can’t help but want to stay in the country longer.

I want this site to help you find anything you could possibly want to know about Prague and the rest of the Czech Republic. This site is new, so there’s still a lot of content that is constantly going to be added, but if there is anything specific you’d like to know, please message me by going to the contact tab. I will either respond to you personally, or write an article that pertains to the subject you are interested in. You can also leave comments in the comment sections of articles.

I’m excited for the opportunity to share with you what makes me passionate about this country. Hopefully this site will be useful for those who truly want to “Journey Prague.” That being said, this site is for everybody, even those just planning a quick stop. Zatím ahoj!


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