Houska Castle: Gate to Hell

November 14, 2016 journeyprague 0

Located just north of the glamorous Prague, Houska Castle is located in Blatce, Czech Republic. For an ancient residence that translates as Bread Roll Castle, what could possibly be so intriguing about it? Maybe because […]

Kinský Palace

August 10, 2016 journeyprague 0

Price of Admission: basic 300 kc, reduced 150 kc. Children and youth under the age of 18, as well as students younger than 26 can see the permanent exhibition of Czech landscapes for FREE. However, […]

Early Czechs and Great Moravia

August 4, 2016 journeyprague 0

The Lands of The Bohemian Crown, presently known as the Czech Republic, or Czechia, is a land rich with many resources, and a wild history. Bohemia is said to have gotten it’s name from the […]

Přemysl and Libuše

July 29, 2016 journeyprague 2

Around the 8th century there ruled a king named Krok. During his reign, King Krok founded a school where they taught religion, hymns, prophecy, and magic. At this time Magic was considered the highest form […]

Franz Kafka

July 23, 2016 journeyprague 1

Few artists become so famous that they become known by only one name, such as Madonna, Elvis, Picasso, Lovecraft, etc. Prague happens to be the home of one such individual, Kafka. Just the name itself […]


July 23, 2016 journeyprague 0

Reader’s Digest did a study where they went to 16 major cities all around the world and left behind 12 wallets to see how many of them would be returned. Helsinki, Finland took first place, […]

Prague Nightlife

July 23, 2016 journeyprague 0

For many years, Prague has been the go-to city for an exciting night! It isn’t uncommon to see groups of men dressed up in a variety of costumes, from drag to male genitalia, there to […]

Josef Kazda – A Film Legend

July 23, 2016 journeyprague 0

Josef Kazda– A name most have never heard before, but nonetheless, it should be talked about. Kazda was an amateur film historian, and a true movie buff. Located in the Golden Lane, a colorful little street […]

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