The Golem of Prague

July 23, 2016 journeyprague 1

Throughout Europe, there are many legends regarding a creature called Golem – a body made from clay, like Adam, but without a soul. The most famous is the Golem of Prague, whose influence has lasted […]

German Occupation (1939-1945)

July 23, 2016 journeyprague 4

When you’re in Prague and near the Malostranská metro station, you will find a Memorial to the Second resistance movement against Nazi aggression and occupation of Czechoslovakia during years 1938-1945. As was written in a […]

Astronomical Clock – Orloj

July 23, 2016 journeyprague 1

Located on the Old Town Square, and built in 1410 by watchmaker Mikuláš of Kadaň and astronomer Jan Šindel, Prague’s astronomical clock represented the cutting edge technology of the medieval ages. Nobel Prize nominee and […]

Mendelssohn On The Roof

July 23, 2016 journeyprague 0

When I was a tour guide, I heard a story about Reinhard Heydrich and the statue of Felix Mendelssohn, the Jewish composer who stood on top of the Rudolfinum in Prague. It’s quite a humorous […]

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