Praotec Čech

June 10, 2019 journeyprague 0

Long ago in the White Croatian lands, part of the original great father land of the Slavs, lived a numerous people that shared a similar language and culture. This was not a time of peace, […]

The Devil’s Bible

November 5, 2017 journeyprague 0

During the Thirty Years' War, the Prague Castle was occupied by the Swedes, who later removed all the valuables and took them back to Sweden. When people visit the Prague castle today, they notice it is surprisingly barren, […]

Šemík The Talking Horse

January 5, 2017 journeyprague 1

Although there actually was a real Přemyslid dynasty, it’s a perfect example of how Czech history and legend are interwoven. First you have the origins of the real dynasty which is based on legend, Přemysl and Libuše. […]

Houska Castle: Gate to Hell

November 14, 2016 journeyprague 0

Located just north of the glamorous Prague, Houska Castle is located in Blatce, Czech Republic. For an ancient residence that translates as Bread Roll Castle, what could possibly be so intriguing about it? Maybe because […]

Přemysl and Libuše

July 29, 2016 journeyprague 2

Around the 8th century there ruled a king named Krok. During his reign, King Krok founded a school where they taught religion, hymns, prophecy, and magic. At this time Magic was considered the highest form […]

The Golem of Prague

July 23, 2016 journeyprague 1

Throughout Europe, there are many legends regarding a creature called Golem – a body made from clay, like Adam, but without a soul. The most famous is the Golem of Prague, whose influence has lasted […]

Mendelssohn On The Roof

July 23, 2016 journeyprague 0

When I was a tour guide, I heard a story about Reinhard Heydrich and the statue of Felix Mendelssohn, the Jewish composer who stood on top of the Rudolfinum in Prague. It’s quite a humorous […]

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